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If your eyelashes or eyebrows sometimes get lost in your face or you feel like you have to keep applying mascara, tinting is a great solution. Much like having your hair dyed, your esthetician will carefully apply dye to your lashs and/or brows leaving them to appear fuller, thicker, and darker, drawing more attention to the eye. The results brighten the face and add contrast where it is needed. – $25 & UP

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Remedy’s detail-oriented esthetician offers several hair removal treatments. Whether you need just your eyebrows shaped or a full brazilian, we do it all. Administered in a private room with soothing surroundings and peaceful music, the experience is done thoroughly and as painlessly as possible. The hot wax soothes and conditions as it removes the entire hair follicle for long-lasting effects.

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This is an amazing treatment that will increase vitality, energy levels, organ energy and stimulation, improve circulation, and enhance your sense of well-being by drawing out toxins through the pores of the feet. Through positive and negative charges produced by the Aqua Detox System, the negative ions are used to rebalance and release toxins. After the treatment, staying properly hydrated will encourage the body to keep releasing toxins for up to two days. – $35

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permanent-makeupPermanent Make-Up

Consultation: Complimentary (no charge): a 30-60 minute appointment in which client expresses concerns, such as: placement, shape, color. Patch test for allergies will be administered.

Eyebrows: $350 (90 minutes): Can be created to look very natural; brows should be measured and colored to suit face, hair color and skin tone.

Eyeliner: $250-$450 (90 minutes): Top or bottom only- $250; Top and bottom package- $450

Lip & Liner: $600 (90 minutes): Includes two (2) free touch-ups

Areola: Call for pricing (90 minutes): Done after reconstruction; may be done 3-dimensional for realistic appearance

Color Boost: (1 hr and 15 minutes): For that perfect, soft make-up look; matches hair and skin tones. Color boosts on procedures originally done by Joni.  (1-2 years): $125 (2-5 years): $250 (5+ years): full price of original procedure
Color boost for correction on another Professional’s work will be full price.

Extra Charge: $50: If 3rd visit is required after completed procedure, or an additional visit after color boost, there will be a $50 set-up fee

Touch Ups: (1 hr 15 minutes): All initials procedures require a 6-week touch up which is included. Some color (up to 50%) may be lost in the healing process. Your body may alter implanted color, and this can be tweaked at 6 weeks.

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